Handcrafted natural stone and crystal jewelry inspired by the beauty of nature.

Yoga instructor, holistic nutrition specialist, and nature lover. I began creating jewelry in high school and my love of working with stones and metal continued into college. After a stint in the corporate world I am following my true passions, creating jewelry and working in the healing arts. I am continuing my education in both fields and look forward to continuing to expand what I have to offer.

I find inspiration every day in the beauty I see all around me in the great state of Arizona and beyond. My love of nature inspires me to work with natural crystals and stones, and I believe that we can benefit from power found within them.

I am often asked about the name of my shop- Rye is actually my middle name! I always knew that I wanted to incorporate it into the name of any business I created.

Please feel free to contact me with custom requests!

Jamie Sigmon

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